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The seva project of Kundalini Yoga for the children at "Hogar de las Bienaventuranzas" (Home of the Beatitudes), in Lima, has been promoting since 2018 regular practices to this home’s children with special educational needs. This project aims to guarantee they have space to reconnect with themselves and with the world around them, as well as raising awareness among the general population about these children’s reality,  who are often abandoned due to their condition, made invisible and deprived of their rightful conditions, such as inclusion and dignity.

PROJECT NAME: Kundalini Yoga for children with special educational needs

of Los Abarrotes.

CITY: Lima 

DESCRIPTION: Kundalini Yoga and meditation practices for children with special educational needs.

PEOPLE SERVED: Children with special educational needs.


PERSON IN CHARGE: Krishan Shiva Singh [ Johnny Molfino ]


 [email protected]



In January 2018, a group of Kundalini Yoga teachers from Peru, of which Krishan Shiva Singh is a member, started offering Kundalini Yoga classes for children with special needs at “Hogar de las Bienaventuranzas” (Home of the Beatitudes), a home in Lima conceived by Father Omar Buenaventura for children in this condition who have been abandoned.


This seva first began as a way to provide these children with spaces to play and interact with adults, and gradually evolved into a regular weekly yoga and meditation class that would give them the ability to reconnect with themselves and the world around them.


"We started visiting to play with them, until we were able to develop a whole program where we shared a weekly yoga class with these children - all of them with special needs - and we went with a group from the Kundalini Yoga community here in Lima, of which I was a part of nine years ago, when I became a teacher."


The biggest challenge, Krishan Shiva Singh tells us, was to be patient. Working with children with such different syndromes is a huge challenge.


At the same time, the greatest satisfaction is to see the children’s progress and how they repay this dedication and patience with a hug, a kiss and a smile.


Father Omar, director of the home, who has been a key supporter for this project’s realization, reports with great joy and amazement that since it started, he has seen surprising changes in the children.


"Things that seemed impossible for them began to happen all of a sudden. They're calmer, they move in ways they couldn't before, they smile."


This seva’s effects have also been positive and greatly relevant to create more and more spaces that make the general population aware of these children’s reality, who are often abandoned due to their condition, made invisible and deprived of their rightful conditions, such as inclusion and dignity.


This was another project that was put to a halt in 2020 due to the pandemic and the risk of contagion to children, but the group intends to resume its activities in October this year.


"It is a seva filled with love and deep satisfaction. I have no words to express the gratitude that comes upon me when I see the joy of these children, and when, through a gesture, they also express their gratitude towards us. The truth is, I can't wait to start school again and get to know these kids more and hug them again."


If you want to support any of these Projects, contact Krishan Shiva Singh, at:

[email protected]


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