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Meet Seva Farms, a Seva project conceived and conducted by Mohinder Singh providing restorative, organic and vegetarian food for people who are ill or hospitalized.


CITY: Dexter - MI.

DESCRIPTION: Seva Farms is a Seva project that provides restorative, organic and vegetarian food for people who are ill or hospitalized.

PEOPLE SERVED: Elderly, ill, hospitalized community members and their caregivers. Families experiencing grief and loss.


PERSON IN CHARGE: Mohinder Singh


[email protected]

Facebook page:


“Seva is a spiritual practice of getting out of one’s way to be able to help someone else, or help a situation, without desire for reward.” 


It is with these Seva values that the Seva Farms project (created in 2021) serves medicinal, organic, fresh, nutritious and vegetarian foods for the elderly, people who have fallen ill or have undergone surgeries, who are unable to leave their homes and even families going through grieving processes.


The project began in the pandemic period, when Sevadar Mohinder Singh, farmer and creator of Seva Farms, realized that many people who were affected by Covid-19 or other health conditions were at home, alone, respecting social isolation, unable to go to the supermarket and cook their own food. These people often resorted to pizza and fast food deliveries, which are dangerous, non-healing and non-nutritious foods, filled with trans fats, pesticides and with careless preparation.


The food, which should be supporting and healing these people who are ill, would instead aggravate their condition, producing inflammation, allergies and  dis-ease in patients.


Given this scenario, Mohinder envisioned the possibility of using his vast experience with planting organic foods and his knowledge regarding vegetarian, biodynamic and restorative cuisine, to serve these people who are ill and debilitated, especially elderly people who need constant care.


For him, what people need when they are going through a challenging situation is real, organic, nutritious, medicinal foods, prepared with divine love and vibration.


To access these high quality foods, being a gesture of care, he suggests 3 elements:


- The practice and awareness of the farmer. How is he cultivating the health of the soil? What seeds does he use? How does he treat and respect the land?  Is he/she a steward and caretaker of the Earth?


- How is the mental state of the cook? Is there an intention to heal? Is the food being blessed with prayers? Is the environment healthy and elevated? Are they relaxed and happy?


- Where is our consciousness and attention when we eat? Is there a presence when you are having a meal? Or are we distracted, watching television or performing other activities while we eat?  Are we stressed and hurried or do we take our time to properly chew our food?


Paying attention to at least one of these three elements is already enough to access a restorative diet and possibly change our eating habits. However, the project seeks to work on these three pillars to serve meals to people who need comprehensive care. In this way, in addition to serving medicinal food, he teaches how anyone can grow and cook their own food, because as he sees it, taking care of the land, planting, cultivating, harvesting and cooking are sacred experiences, they are a part of the individual transformation process.


Mohinder Singh uses other healing strategies in his cooking. From planting to serving food to his customers, he promotes a meditative space, always being present and conscious in the preparations. This gesture alone already has a positive impact on food, but in addition, he also sings mantras, uses the vibration of crystals and prays to God while processing food, imputing healing and blessings to those who will benefit from the meal.


“I’m always bringing in the Mantra, the Wareguru Simran, RaMaDaSa, Guru Ram Dass chant for healing, to bring in this different practices into the food is something that I’ve feel like is a little extra spicy, the special sauce” (Mohinder)


Mohinder shares that it took a long time to learn how to access and grow these high-quality organic foods (without pesticides, herbicides or harmful additives) and learn to deal with the natural abundance of the land. After more than 20 years of experience as a gardener and cook, he decided to put his knowledge toward community service, having already had experiences in other Seva projects, such as serving as coordinator in the Solstice kitchen, an event of Kundalini Yoga practices promoted by 3HO and volunteering at spiritual retreats led by Amma (the hugging saints).


Just as we cultivate our practice of self-care, citizenship and awareness in our work environments, developing a relationship with food goes beyond necessity - it is important to connect with the Earth and all the beings that inhabit it. It is fundamental to access the values of Seva, which are so dear to Mohinder and Seva Farms.


Seva Farms is born from this context of elevation and healing, treating food as medicine, not only of the body, but of the mind and soul. It is an important Seva project that relies on the help of donations and support to exist.


Watch the interview with Mohinder in the video above to savor even more about his Seva project.


To learn more about Seva Farms and to support the project, visit:

or get in touch with Mohinder by e-mail: [email protected]

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