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Learn about the seva project of Kundalini Yoga classes at Creche das Rosinhas, which since 2008 offers, weekly, Kundalini Yoga practices for children from 3 to 6 years old at a daycare center that serves the Aglomerado da Serra, a large settlement in Belo Horizonte/Brazil.


PROJECT NAME: Kundalini Yoga at Rosinhas' Nursery


CITY: Belo Horizonte

DESCRIPTION: Kundalini Yoga practice for children from Aglomerado da Serra, a big settlement in Belo Horizonte.

PEOPLE SERVED: Children from 3 to 6 years old attending the Rosinhas' Nursery Center.


PEOPLE IN CHARGE: Sat Beant Kaur and Gian Dharam Kaur

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The seva project with Kundalini Yoga classes at Creche das Rosinhas has been running since 2008, serving children between 3 and 6 years old. 

It is a project that for more than a decade has been served by several teachers, and today Sat Beant Kaur and Gian Dharam Kaur are leading it.

Throughout these years, Kundalini Yoga classes have been included in the day care center's curriculum, becoming one of the children's regular classes. However, as Gian Dharam Kaur assesses, "the daycare already has a ready-made curriculum, so we didn't change anything of what they had already established, our intention is to add yoga and enrich the themes and proposals already established by the daycare."

Teaching Kundalini Yoga classes for children is a universe apart. "Besides maintaining the sacred space, it is also necessary to connect with your inner child and flow with the dynamics of impermanent reality, as well as allowing yourself the place of permanent mutual learning," as Sat Beant Kaur and Gian Dharam Kaur point out. 

Kundalini Yoga carries values and virtues in its vein, so the seva of Kundalini Yoga classes with children is much more than just going there and doing some asanas. "It actually says of you upholding the values that underlie the practice. It says of being a practical example permeating our encounters with children," Gian Dharam points out. 

The teachers believe that  humanology is just as important as practice. And according to the science of humanology, children are complete beings, with high-powered antennas that deeply register every vibration within their field, so they learn by example and are super sensitive to what is not aligned with what is presented. 

The concreteness of the work is seen when the children begin to share what they learn and to involve their families with calls to action within the reality that surrounds them. This shows the size of the impact of the work, which, as Gian Dharam points out, because it takes place in early childhood is a seed sown that brings values, diversity, and an experience of connection with oneself. 

When evaluating what two years of suspension of the project implies, given that since March 2020 the activities of the day care center were suspended due to the pandemic, they show concern about the reality of the children outside this shelter, since most families work in on-site services and do not have a structured support network. In this sense, they reflect that when the activities return to the classroom the scenario will be different, because "in our country, Brazil, the pandemic is more than a health problem, it is a social problem". 

The return of Kundalini Yoga classes is being planned for the second half of 2022, as in-person schooling has restarted and child vaccination has begun in the country.

Check out the video for more inspiring information about this seva of Kundalini Yoga classes with early childhood children within a regular public educational institution.

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