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Many of us have heard that the intestine is our second brain. This relationship happens because the health and balance of our intestinal tract is directly linked to our well-being and the overall good functioning of the body. In addition, the intestine, our second brain, and the brain work together towards this goal.

The microbiota is the set of microorganisms that inhabit our gastrointestinal tract, composed of bacteria, yeasts, and others. All these elements form the intestinal ecosystem. When this ecology of our body is balanced, we have several gains, including a decrease in allergies, improved immune system and body functioning. Our immune system acts together with the activity of these bacteria, that is, the body is more protected.

But how to achieve this balance of the intestinal microbiota? One big key is the diet. Choose correctly foods such as whole foods, unprocessed and rich in fiber, avoiding ultra-processed foods that will not help the body.

A good diet associated with daily physical activity will build this balance.

So, the tip for this path is: eat more natural plants and get moving!

By Bhavan Inder Singh/Brazil

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