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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Much has been emphasized in recent years and especially since 2020 about the importance of mutual care. It seems to be something we are rediscovering. We come from an era where producing at all costs was normal and where well-being and health were a price to pay. If we add to this the recent world events, it is clear that there is an urgency to change the way we relate to everything and everyone. But is it really possible to sustain a change that is not created from within?

Imagine that we are standing at the doorway, and to get through it we must transform our most important relationship: the one we have with ourselves. Our sacred activism does not involve huge acts, this time the miracle is hidden precisely in the details. So, pursuing our goal of inspiring you, we share this video about the importance of self-care. After all, how could you share water if your glass is empty?

When you care, you love, and although the culture we came from perhaps taught us that caring was primarily about others, you can't love without starting with yourself. If you don't include yourself in the realm of your love and care, your compassion is incomplete.

In a world where nearly a billion people face mental health illness and about every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide, self-care practices should not be considered optional luxuries. And the fast pace of your life may not allow you to have an hour and a half for a yoga class, yet there are simple, brief, everyday practices you can engage in. Moments are created, not found. The call is urgent.

Have you ever stopped to answer the question of how you take care of yourself? What are the practices with which you show the love you sometimes ask of others? Make a list of what you do for yourself. What helps you when you are sad, when stress overwhelms you, when you lose hope? Identify your tools and go back to them. Get inspired by the videos, recipes, breathing exercises, and other resources that we at Seva Corps have for you. This is part of our love and service, our sacred activism.

By Crista Castellanos/Colombia

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