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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

At Seva Corps we seek to inspire you every day, and for that reason we have created three sections around the importance of looking at taking care of yourself. "Take a Breath" is one of them. What is it about and how does it contribute to your daily well-being?

Your breath is literally your connection to the breath of life. Every time you chant a mantra or say a word, the life force is expressed through you. This is why in the tradition of kundalini yoga there are various breathing exercises or pranayams to bring you into the present: the only place where you have power.

Creating space and time to breathe allows you to respond to external triggers in creative ways. Wherever you go, you lift people up with your presence, and instead of feeling affected by what the instability of the world offers you, you offer certainty, calm, and hope to the world. Your presence is a testimony of the divine within the human and provides the world with an opportunity for change.

Dare to create personal rituals that allow you to breathe and slow down, because in a fast-paced nervous system there is no room for creativity. Through your rituals you will remember your connection to the entire planet. Your generous, deep breath will be the vehicle through which you will express your True Self: happy, healthy, and holy.

On our website you will find several simple practices that various yogis, friends of Global Seva Corps, have lovingly created for you. Experience them, feel their benefits, and share them with those you love. Your nervous system and the world will thank you.

Por Crista Castellanos/Colombia

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