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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Has it ever happened to you that you feel stressed by something that is only happening in your head? That even though you are safe at home, you feel distress and uneasiness? The mind is a powerful tool. Whatever it creates, the body feels it as real. That is why it is important to be truly in service to yourself and your present moment. How to achieve this in a simple and effective way?

Our true nature, like our mind's, is creative. We are creating every second: ideas, connections, relationships, words, perceptions of the world, and even imaginary worlds. All of this influences our well-being and creates responses, consequences, and effects. This is why we call reality a structure whose seed is your inner state. Show me your life and I will tell you how you think. The aspects that you are uncomfortable with are an indication that you have to go to the root, to the quality of your thoughts. Are they in service to you; are they really creative? Are they aligned with you, and do they express your highest and most equanimous potential? In order to know this you have to stop.

Just as you stop, to ask for an address on the street, to take a break or several during your fast-paced day, is the opportunity to do a reality check. Is this what I am telling myself true? Is it happening or is it just a story that my mind won't let go? Daring to break the rhythm, that's the key. Like when in the middle of a song an unexpected instrument or a beautiful voice breaks out. Suddenly this detail brings you back to the present, and you become aware of the joy of your dance. You realize that you are well, you are safe, and you probably have everything you need. Your blessings flow like fresh water between your hands.

Interrupt and stop your everyday stories, that mental dialogue that you repeat instead of creating. Review yourself by creating pauses, taking a break. There are many simple and practical ways: put down your phone and drink some tea while you look out the window, go for a casual walk, close your eyes while breathing deeply, listen to some music and allow your body to dictate the movements it needs.

Get inspired by the ideas we share with you through our "Take a Break" section. Discover how taking a break leads you back to the direction you're looking for: your own heart. This is meant to fully align with what's happening in your present so that your infinite, creative potential can be expressed. It sounds small, but if taking a break changes what you tell yourself, especially in times of stress, it gives you back power over your own story.

Take a Break.

By Crista Castellanos/Colombia

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