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We live in a world of exacerbated individualities, where crowds are lost in solitude. Where the other is seen much more as a threat than a promise. A world where we have distortedly learned to focus on the self in search of success.

We live in a world that cries out for help. Whether through the climatic crisis of the Earth body that carries us, or with the diversity of sister species rapidly reducing, or even with the hunger and misery that continue to reign fiercely among our human relatives.

We live in a world where monoculture dominates increasingly, whether in the human sphere through its way of viewing, existing and coexisting together, or through extensive agriculture for other animals to feed on.

We live in a sick world. Sickened by human species. A world that needs us to reforest different ways of existing, coexisting and viewing each other.

We live in a time that invites us to restore a deep and unique connection with ourselves, seeking to establish a sacred relationship with the others around us, with the others who we do not even imagine what they need in their Self dimension.

We need an antidote for our solitude, for our hopelessness, for the standardization of living established among us. We need something that takes us beyond the Self, that reconnects us to the Us. We must re-believe in others, as diverse and different and at the same time as an indissoluble part of the wholeness that pulses in each of us.

We need more than to fight for our right to exist. We need more than to name our existence or to get rid of labels. We need more than to want to be embraced and recognized.

We need to open up. We need to put ourselves together. We need to rescue the power that is in devotion, in caring, in supporting others. We need to take the first step.

We need to start healing as we open up to love. To love genuinely, from an attentive and open view to meet others’ demands, different from mine. The others that challenge me, and enrich me at the same time.

We need to rescue the art of cooperating. To rescue the prosperity that is in the difficult equation of what is good for everyone. To be with others, with the richness of being part of, much more than being a unit.

We must take into our hands the art of being and serving. To live from what you've given to the world. In confidence that on the other side there is someone attentive and available to cover me in what is necessary.

If everyone in the world lives to and from serving, together we will give the world the tranquility to restore, the space to diversify, the confidence of a nourished world, because the focus is to serve the other, whoever this other is, so that I may indeed be nourished in my Being.

Life is about encounters. Life is about being together. Life is about what we do by being in the world. Life goes by. Take the first step. Serve others. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to live in cooperation. Qualify each and every encounter. Live a life of seva.

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