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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Throughout these confinement weeks I recognize a constant call: find your voice.

What do you have to say?

As simple and quotidian as it may sound, when I come to really think about it, giving it some space

and thinking of the voice in a broad sense… some common ground starts to shake.

I have a voice, why do I have to look for it? Is the voice I have been casting not really mine? Is it somebody else's? Or is it the voice of my childhood or early adultness? So, does voice have an age? Does it have a heritage? Does it have an identity? And if so, how do all these elements come to terms and get synchronized with the person I am now, with the person I am being now?

"Today's now" is not a small matter either.

"Today's now" is cradled within a global pandemic which makes it feel like we are living inside a tornado.

The tornado is also swirling inside our head and in our bodies. Inside and outside –if it is possible to state such a barrier or differentiation– things, ideas and beings are rapidly being subject to change...

to update.

Update sounds like a contemporary and accurate metaphor to use.

I am being invited by the now to update and refresh my system… my systems.

Throughout these confinement weeks I also recognize there is certainly some kind of powerful swirling dance wisely connecting the possibilities arisen from the update, the now and my voice.

Text by @rociogomezgp

Image: Projeto Ocupa, by Rocio Gomez // Photography: Ana Cecilia Gonzalez Vigil

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