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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

According to the teachings and practices of Kundalini Yoga, we all have an operational mind composed of the Negative Mind, the Positive Mind and the Neutral Mind. When we perceive our thoughts with intermittent negativity and a protective fervor it is the Negative Mind acting out of balance. The meditation shown in this video is intended to help us clear the subconscious of negative thoughts or unwanted fears. So the Negative Mind can act in a way that protects and encourages us, strengthening its protective aspect, without compromising our balance and neutrality. The posture, in this meditation, welcomes calmness and humility which allows the Unknown to present itself to us in an embracing way and with all the potential that it carries in itself, while keeping us aware of the challenges and calls to action along the way. This meditation was shared by Prem Bhagat Singh and is available in The Kundalini Research Institute's Transformation Manual 1.

Current times imprint on us a fast, urgent, highly-productive and insecure pace of life. This adds pressure to our daily lives and demands prompt responses, on top of many changes, deconstructions and polarities, triggering in our bodies responses full of chemicals that result in stress, depression, overloading our physical and mental health.

For these scenarios we can resort to Yoga and meditation as preventive tools, because not only do they bring us health and well-being, but they also help us identify what has impacted our health and vitality, strengthening us to change behaviors that do not contribute to a more balanced and healthy life.

With moments like these in mind, we share the following meditation to balance and strengthen our negative mind, helping us to interrupt harmful thoughts and behaviors and taking us to an internal place of deliverance and trust.

According to the science of Kundalini Yoga, each individual is composed of much more than their physical body. In the integrity of the being, 9 other bodies are recognized: the Soul, the Negative or Protective Mind, the Positive or Projective Mind, the Neutral or Meditative Mind, the Arch Line, the Aura, the Pranic Body, the Subtle Body, the Radiant Body and also the physical body.

Our second body, called Negative Mind, is part of our mental structure, which is also composed of the positive mind and the neutral mind. When we develop our mental bodies, when we face something new, where we need to make a decision or evaluate something, we follow the path of first processing the situation by the Negative Mind, identifying the risks and disadvantages, moving on to the Positive Mind, seeking to identify the opportunities of the situation and understanding the possibilities of realizations, in order to finally discern which is the best way forward, from the neutral mind, which distinguishes the pros and cons clearly and without attachment.

That is, the Negative Mind acts within our scope of protection, seeking to preserve us from all possible risks, putting us in a state of alertness when we feel we are in danger or when we are challenged in any given situation. Occupying an important role, the negative mind helps us to better evaluate situations and identify risks and contexts of discomfort, aiming to protect who we are and our identity. A healthy negative mind is something precious, which we should be devoted to developing, because when out of balance, we lose the sensitivity about the limits we need to establish for the sake of our integrity and we can become impulsive and reactive to situations.

Meditation for the negative mind

Posture: Sit upright with a straight spine, either on the floor or on a chair. Your legs are crossed or in easy pose. Place your arms next to your body and flex them, resting your hands in front of your chest at heart height. The palms face up and the right hand rests on the left hand.

Focus: Eyes slightly open focusing on your hands.

Breath: Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, making a “U” shape with your lips. Feel the air coming out of your mouth, onto your hands.

Finishing: Hold posture and exhale through the nose completely, keep the air out and hold. Contract the point of the navel. Hold for a few moments stably and firmly. Inhale and repeat 3 times. Relax.

Time: Start performing this practice for 3 minutes and extend up to 31 minutes.

The posture in this meditation is one of calm and humility that allows the Creator, the Unknown, to cover and protect us.

This meditation is available in The Kundalini Research Institute's Transformation Manual 1.

Brought by Prem Bhagat Singh/Brazil

“Meditation for the Negative mind” - Kind courtesy of Prem Bhagat Singh (

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