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Breastfeeding is wonderful, it is an act of love and it is incredibly important, BUT it is not simple.

The breastfeeding period is an important and delicate moment of creating the bond between mother and child and, at the same time, in a context where there are so many transformations and adaptations happening in this new life that is presented to all those involved.

The first 40 days after the arrival of the baby is the period known as postpartum. This is when women feel more vulnerable and many things are falling into place, whether in the physical, emotional, neurological, or interpersonal realm, and the list goes on. Science today even names this period as matrescence, because it recognizes that it is as intense as the bustling period of adolescence, arriving in this new situation after crossing the portal which is childbirth.

Every mother experiences breastfeeding in a different way. Each one goes through this moment in an individual and very particular way. In this moment when there is still no clarity of the process and we seek to understand what is happening, it is essential to surround yourself with a support network and count on their help. In the case of breastfeeding, if there are difficulties, it is recommended to seek help in your closest and most reliable women networks, or even specialists, such as lactation consultants.

I have three basic advices for the lactation period:



Go back to sleep.

That's the essence, but we can also expand into three other precious tips for this moment:

Be patient with yourself,

Be patient with the process,

Enjoy the process.

And the best way to do that is to go back to the first 3 tips: sleep and rest!

In the first 40 days it is important that you do this, so it is possible to give your best and act from the best place, which is your heart.

Don't forget: nourish yourself and don't stay tuned, wanting to do everything around you. Seek support, not only from those in the nearby surroundings, but also from the community. Let go, let go, ask for help.


Enjoy, and...

Allow yourself time.

It is necessary to allow yourself to be surrounded by this care so that you can create the time and space to make the necessary adjustments and so that you can become your new Self.

By Shanti Kirpal Kaur/Netherlands

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