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We are going through a historical time as humanity and also in our personal lives that easily lead us to emotions that leave us even more withdrawn and without perspective.

And in these moments, the question that is asked is: how to sustain the spirit, cultivate hope, and glimpse the best in all our potential?

One approach is to always remember to give thanks and reverence for the life that pulsates within us and around us.

Most of the time, we experience the feeling of gratitude when we receive that which is in alignment with what we project. The invitation is to give thanks and reverence for the gifts that adversity brings us on a daily basis. It is to be grateful for the abundance we possess when we are called into the flow of serving, giving, giving of ourselves. It is to feel gratitude when the immeasurable unknown challenges our control and projection.

Gratitude expands us. It keeps our spirit strengthened and our body healthier. It is the most accessible antidote to combat whatever shakes us in our purpose, our hope, our courage in the face of life. It is the portal that takes us to a place of reverence, thus enabling the flow of the Flux in which Life is sustained.

By Satsangat Kaur Khalsa/Brazil

Image courtesy of Satsangat Kaur Khalsa/Brazil

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