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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Doctors and people on the front lines in hospitals and health clinics work non-stop hours to save lives in the pandemic. This illustration means a great ENOUGH! from Brazilian artists Guille Eduar and Maria Eduar. It’s a call for expected actions from the governments that have been neglected, worsening the crisis due to Covid-19. Right now in their country, Brazil, hospitals in several states are stretched to the limit, bringing the health system to the verge of collapse; with a slow vaccination campaign and no national strategy to contain the crisis, health professionals are exhausted. It is also a tribute from the artists to doctors, assistants, and all those who, in one way or another, are serving the entire world, caring for people, and exposing their lives in order to save others. May each of us act and do so in honor of all these people. May we serve through our self-care. May our prayers encourage effective action, a frequency of love, healing and protection. May humanity and all who have power of action and decision come together to provide life in service to all and for all. By Sujaan Kaur/Colombia

Illustration: Guilles Eduar - Profissonhos book cover

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