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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The work below composes the artistic movement MascarArte that has as its basis the individual protection masks as a way to remember to care for the other and let the creation flow, resignifying this very challenging moment that we are going through.

In her work, Gisele Moura portrays the "possibility of protection through the connection with our tree of life, thus with the feminine energy source, nourishing and inexhaustible, also represented as the water of life, which through Mother Earth purifies and renews itself.

For Gisele, "meditation connects our inner energy with Mother Earth's energy. Inner silence heals our energy centers and makes us one with the tree of life, represented in this painting as the lungs and nourished by the heart (love). We are living in a time when we need to reconnect with the planet and with each other, and only in this way we can protect our life, which is intimately connected to the life of all beings that inhabit the planet. When we silence the mind and get in touch with Her, we strengthen our immune system as well."

By Gisele Moura/Brasil

photo by Samuel Mendes for MascarArte: acrylic on mask by Gisele Moura

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