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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The water refreshes my hands as I sanitize a bunch of cilantro. The micro-particle aroma quickly reaches my brain, more precisely the hippocampus region. Instantly joy rushes through me and inspiration arises in an immense pleasure to prepare food for my family.

The colors light up my eyes, the glistening red of the tomatoes, the refreshing green of the cilantro, and my mouth is already watering. At this moment I am aware of the power in my hands. There lies the possibility of bringing health and harmony into my home.

With love and devotion I take care of the food that nourishes my family both physically and emotionally. With love and reverence for all the beings that helped to produce and bring this food to my kitchen.

In the kitchen, sadness is turned into joy, hopelessness into deep trust, anger into loving conscious action.

With the geometry of the shapes created by the edge of my knife I build the architecture, the texture and the composition of my food. Harmonizing the flavors, textures, aromas and forms, I can finally taste my living picture.

By Sat Sundri Kaur/Brazil

Image courtesy of Liv Avtar Kaur/Brazil

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