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mãos uma sobre a outra, fazendo analogia ao slogan do Seva Corps, SERVINDO JUNTOS

SEVA CORPS was envisioned at Khalsa Council and was born in April 2020 with the purpose of serving those who serve. That is why our motto is Serving Together.


Through digital platforms we seek to value, nurture and inspire those in service through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and the legacy of Sikh Dharma in an elevated environment of listening and sharing. We also want to produce content about the path of service, give relevance to ongoing SEVA PROJECTS, and inspire new projects. Above all, we want to offer spaces for dialogue and inclusion.


We are committed to sustaining our service through transparency, compassion, connection, diversity, dignity, and respect. We know that these values, when put into practice through our work, create impact and contribute to making this world a more dignified and equitable place.


Our work is based on the pillars:




Satsangat Kaur Khalsa is a multifaceted professional as well as a mother dedicated to leaving the world a better human being. She is a journalist with a postgraduate degree in financial management and additional training in digital marketing and sociocracy. She participates in the Seva Corps team in content production, financial management, data systematization, administration, and networking in Latin America.



Piarjeet Kaur has a degree in Business Administration, with post-graduate studies in strategic management. In her background and family history, the spirit of seva has always been something present and fluid, participating in various projects supporting women, mothers, children and underprivileged communities. She works in the Seva Corps team taking care of the social networks, supporting the organization and building relationships with the sevadars.


Crista Castellanos is a content creator for consciousness awakening. Passionate about writing and audiovisual production, she shares information about useful tools of Kundalini Yoga, in dialogue with astrology. Through various digital platforms she leads diverse collective practices, expanding what has been a personal healing path for her. At Seva Corps she supports the creation and editing of audiovisual content and contributes to the writing and proofreading of texts in Spanish.


Oscar Roberts is a Peruvian who has traveled through 13 countries in his wanderings. He holds graduate degrees in English and North American Literature. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. For the past 25 years he has worked as a language teacher and translator. At Seva Corps he translates texts between Spanish and Portuguese.



Carol Cafiero is graduated in graphic design. She develops research and projects with interest in expanding the aesthetic and political relationships between people and space, seeking inspiration and learning from the interaction with nature. She believes that doing work aligned with sensory and emotional perceptions is a way to contribute to vibrant, affective, and fertile results.  She works on the Seva Corps team developing the editorial aesthetic alignment. 



Sujaan Kaur has a bachelor's degree in cinema with an emphasis in humanities and a master's degree in visual arts from Udk-Berlin and is trained as a socio-environmental agent. She has a deep interest in the preservation and appreciation of biological and cultural diversity. She participates in the Seva Corps team in researching and contacting Seva projects and Sevadars, conducts interviews and moderation in the communication channels, translates and produces content, and articulates the network in Latin America.


Ramjeet is a journalist, mother, teacher and mentor to women. She loves to create and be on the move - one of her greatest purposes is to inspire through communication. She loves freedom, nature and interacting with people. Ramjeet Kaur  is responsible for administering our social networks here at Seva Corps, for our website maintenance and also for creating our institutional reports.



Narayan Inder Singh graduated in film and audiovisual studies and has a master's degree in education and teaching, currently developing research in the field of audiovisual education, helping to make cinema a tool of social transformation, available and accessible to all. He is always walking through the processes of self-knowledge and is an attentive observer of the affections of life. He is part of the Seva Corps team, being responsible for articulating projects in North America, establishing contact with the Sevadars, conducting interviews and writing articles about Seva projects. In addition to working on editing, translating and subtitling some Seva Corps videos.


Julia graduated as a visual artist and currently works as a translator, social media professional and doula. She loves to travel and is fluent in English, German and Spanish. She is one of those people who prioritizes working with what makes sense to her, bringing personal fulfillment, as well as spending time with her family, made up of her two children and wife. At Seva Corps he translates texts between  English and Portuguese.

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